Review: Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Thermal Bib Knickers

Pearl Izumi - P.R.O. Thermal KnickersIdaho in the winter can be cold.  Not always, but usually cold.  This winter has been especially damp and that means cold. Even my indoor training has had days where the garage starts out below 40’F.  Riding and training can be miserable if you’re not dressed for success.

I wanted to share a quick post on one of my favorite pieces of cold(ish) riding gear.  The Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Thermal Bib Knickers have been awesome over this past fall and winter. In the past I’ve had issues with knickers riding up and bunching in the backs of my knees.  This hasn’t been an issue with these knickers.  They have a ring of fabric around the bottom of the legs that keeps them low on the calf and prevents them from riding up (and without out any of that annoying rubbery tape either).  The chamois is Pearl’s P.R.O. level chamois (the green one) and has worked well on rides up to 4 hours (and possibly longer, but I don’t have that data point currently). The interior had a brushed finish. The soft brushed material is nice against the skin.

If anything, they could stand to have a bit more compression as they do not have as much compression as other cycling clothing I have, but they are in no way baggy either. I think that compression is highly variable in clothing (within a line and brand of clothing). I tend to like more compression vs. less.

In terms of fit, I purchased a larger.  For reference I’m 6′-2″ and weigh in at 180lbs.  I have a shorter than normal inseam for someone my size (32″).  The problem I have with most gear is that I have to buy big if it covers my torso in any way. With these, the bib portion breath well and has enough stretch that you can’t really tell that they are there.  I don’t know if you can really ask for more.

All in all I’m happy with these bibs. I picked them up on clearance and feel like they were a great purchase.


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