Hard Times at Hammy High

Yes, it has been quite around this place here lately. I’m in process of nursing a hammy issue. I’m not completely sure what is going on, but I have something happening in my right hammy. Feels like a pull or mild strain.

It first started in early November and because I didn’t let heal properly I now have larger issues. I’ve wondered if there wasn’t something going on with my CX bike. I had been putting a good deal time on the trainer and I wonder if I don’t have a minor fit issue that is being exacerbated by the the lack of position change while fixed in the trainer.

I’m currently taking a couple of weeks of the bike in an effort to heal up so I can get on with training for spring racing. That said, I have a fit scheduled for Friday. I’m actually pretty excited. I’ll be getting fit by Ben Stein of “On The Bike” (full blog post to follow on the fit). He uses a full motion capture system to create a full 3D representation over a number of revolutions to highlight fit issues and then work to minimize those issue.

Till then I’ll leave you with this image from a ride I did the day after Christmas. The guys from Eastside Cycles sent me home with a demo Rocky Mountain Blizzard over that weekend. We had a beautiful, but cold day where I made it out for a spin. Loved the bike. I don’t necessarily see it as a priority bike for the stable, but could certainly see having one depending where you live and what your current n+1 situation looks like.



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