Recovery is a Long and Winding Road

What do you do with a bad hammy? That’s the question. It’s been a long and miserable spring for cycling. At some point along the way this last fall I injured my hammy. I tried taking it easy to see if with some rest and time it would heal. That didn’t work.

I currently have the pleasure of going to PT once a week to be tortured by the bad man there. I believe the idea is that a torn muscle, particular the hamstring, essentially doesn’t heal back to original where torn. Instead, it remains weak just waiting to tear again. The belief is that you must strengthen the remaining muscle tissue so it can take the abuse in the stead of the damaged area. I’m sure, not being a doctor, there’s some error in my understanding, but I think that’s the jist.

In the mean time, when I’m not working on strengthening that hammy with dead lifts, squats, hamstring curls, and lunges, I’m foam rolling, mashing a softball in to that muscle, and stretching like my life depends on it. There’s about an hour of stretching each evening and then multiple sessions throughout the day. The good news, I’m getting more flexible and I am recovering. The bad news, recovery is super SLOW.

With the recovery, my ability to ride has been limited. I’ve been stuck riding the flats or taking a slow commute into work… It’s better than not riding. I just gotta keep telling myself that…


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