Crimson Cross 

The Crimson Cross was nothing but good clean fun. The course was laid out over three separate plots of land with the primary portion of the course held on the Crimson Gem Orchard in Emmett Idaho. One of the sections of land had just been cleared of apple trees. One had been covered with straw or hay that had been recently harvested. That section was covered in snot slick straw stubble. The last section was a cherry orchard. 

The course was rough where the old apples once stood. There were left-over tree roots that made the corners a bit hairy and the straights whiplash inducing. There was a large section of freshly tilled earth that served as a sand pit in the slick straw stubble section. Running next to the cherry trees was a fast downhill slalom style section. After a few laps the earth in the slalom course broke up becoming extremely sandy and loose. 

All in all this was a perfect season opener! The crowd was fantastic with hand-up all around. The Crimson Gem people were super welcoming and generous with their land and support of the local Cross scene. The Velo-Women did a wonderful job organizing and making the event. 


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