My Best Worst Friend

While I’m not super serious about my riding, I am serious about staying fit and keeping old age at bay for as long as possible. As part of injuring my hamstring last year the physical therapist had me using a foam roller. 

Foam rolling became a habit and it’s something I look forward to as part of my post ride ritual. The honest truth is that there are times that foam rolling is down right uncomfortable. If you’re doing it right you’ll be breaking down the bond between muscles and the fascia (freeing the muscle to restore a full range of motion). You’ll also be breaking up any scar tissue that may have formed as part of your daily life. It can get a little “spicy” as they say, but it’s a good thing.

The weapon of choice for this task is a Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller. it’s held up really over the last year under near daily use. The core is as firm as the day it was purchased and the foam looks like new.

Admittedly, without the guidance of the PT, I’m not entirely sure I would have known how to correctly use a foam roller. Trigger Point has some nice instruction on their website that can get you started and while they use their products in the videos, I’m sure the techniques will apply regardless of the type of roller you have. 

Trigger Point Video Instructions for Foam Rolling

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