SICX Season Opener

 The Southern Idaho Cyclocross season opener was held the weekend before last (Oct 22nd/23rd) at Sandy Point State Park (Boise, Idaho). The course took advantage of the natural landscape of the park with step grass and deep sand. 

The turn out was pretty incredible. There must have been 65 riders in my race. The call-ups were unique in that they were completely random based on bib number. My call-up position was horrible. I ended up in the second to the last group. That made for a lot of work, but if you can’t pass in cross it’s likely not your sport.


One of the highlights of the course was an “A” line complete with jump. Not only was this a good time, but it was a huge time saver over the alt line in the course. Unfortunately there were a few people injured on the jump. There’s no way of telling what happened or why, but it was a good reminder to always stay within your limits regardless of the situation.

CX Air!

With the wife racing that gave me some time to hang out and get some photos. In a past life Alena (my wife) and I had a wedding photography business. Once we had kids there wasn’t a lot of free time to focus on other people’s weddings so we closed up shop, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t still like to make photos. Alena took photos when I was racing and I took photos when she was racing.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day:

I did have a couple of quibble with the event. First, I’m still not sure where I finished. It’s been a week+ and no results have been posted. I know I didn’t come in first and I quit counting after I passed 25(ish) people… While it wasn’t a USA Cycling points race, it is always nice to know how you’ve done. You work hard to be is shape to compete. Even if you don’t make the podium it’s nice to know where you are in the pack. Additionally, they did some strange things with the timing of Alena’s race. Her 45 minute race turned into an hour and ten somehow. I’m not sure why they didn’t finish on the leaders lap. last year this group put on the Idaho national qualifier race, so no telling why they are so disorganized this year. Maybe they are just rusty after a long off season…

As a side, watch for future posts where I’ll review that MAAP M Dot Winter Jersey and a new wheelset built using Whisky No.9 29w Goat rims and DT Swiss 240 hubs.


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