Morvèlo Fall/Winter Riding Kit

I’m not sure what it is about a good kit, but they are the kind of thing where when they are good, they rock. When they are bad, you can’t seem to get them off fast enough. There’s few thing worse than a bad shammy or a zipper that is rubbing.

While on Instagram an add for the Morvèlo Riders Club came across my feed. In exchange for signing up, they well give you 15% off your first order. I’ve been looking for a second set of bib knickers and while I love my Pearl Izumis, I’m open to understanding what else is out there. Enter the Dash Three Season kit and Bird Baselayer (they did not have the Dash Baselayer in my size).

The price is what really convinced me. The Dash Three Season kit was 20% off for whatever reason and it compounded with the 15% riders club deal. The baselayer and complete kit was less than just a standard pair of knickers. I couldn’t really pass it up. There do come out of the UK, but they covered shipping and customs. They also had the wherewithal to offer a PayPal option. Depending on your credit card company this can make things easier when making an overseas transaction.

For background, I’m 6′-2″ and 175lbs (inseam is 33″). I ordered a medium in the baselayer and large in both knickers and jersey. With my long torso I was hesitant to order the baselayer in a medium, but they talked about how much they stretch and based on chest that’s my size (fingers were crossed it would be long enough).

Bird Base Layer
Dash Three Season Jersey
Dash Three Season Jersey – back
Dash Three Season Bib Knickers
Dash Three Season Bib Knickers – back

With my initial order the Royal British mail lost my order. They did find it, but it took almost three weeks to get here. That was no fault of Morvèlo and when contacted about the issue they were helpful and were ready to refund my order once the Royal Mail did their due diligence.

Once everything finally arrived I am pleased to report that it all fit very well. The baselayer was very comfortable and had a close, next to skin, fit (just like you want). The knickers have a great compressive fit. They are supportive in all the right ways while not being too tight. The chamois is blended well into the bibs with no raised seams or areas of discomfort. The chamois a good thickness and on par in terms of comfort with the Pro lever Pearl Izumi chamois. The actual bib material is a soft brushed material that reminds me of a light fleece. The jersey is made of the same material and it feels great next to skin. It absolutely has a race fit quality, so order up a size of that’s not what you’re after. They quality is high and the fit is good. The entire kit and baselayer cost less than a single pair of Pearl Izumi bib knickers. I’d call it a super value!

The kit has worn well. I’ve been on a number of cooler training rides and have raced CX in it down in the mid 30’s. There is no sign of wear. I’ve been so impressed that I’ve made a few other orders with them. I picked up a summer race kit, more baselayer, a long sleeved mountain jersey, gilet, and mountain shorts. Once it warms up, I’ll let you know how they wear and ride.

Finally, they have a program where if you refer a friend they will give you both a 20% off promo. Here is my link if you are so inclined (click it, shop, and we will both get 20% off of any purchases):

I’m normally not in to this kind of thing, but I’m sure I’ll be ordering from them again, so you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.


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