The Southern Idaho Cyclocross series of races is a 6 race series with venues around the valley.  In years past these were USAC points races, but this year they have decided to part ways with the USAC.  While I would say that this change has made the race environment more fun, I think that USAC imparted a required discipline that the organizers needed.  Last year they used timing chips and races felt well organized.  This year they have gone to a manual timing, which there is nothing wrong with, but I know that there have been a number of issues where riders did not get times or got the wrong times (has happened to both myself and my wife).  Additionally they have been very bad at posting race results.  That said, if you are looking for a fun environment and a good course these are your races, but don’t expect to see any results posted.  Knowing that going into will possibly help, but I personally struggle with paying for a race and not knowing how I did (regardless of where I placed).

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