My Kingdom for a Shipping Container!?!

This is a bit on the happened in the past, but it was a good adventure so I figured I’d go ahead and put it in the books. Back in July of 2016 we took a short road trip up to McCall Idaho to do a little mountain biking. It was one of those classic end of July weeks where we were expecting triple digit temps and the riding in the foothills was on the oh so hot and miserable side even at night.

My buddy Red Beard had been riding at Jug Mountain Ranch a few weeks back and come across their “cabin in the woods.” AKA a converted shipping container that was half hanging over the reservoir. As he was passing through the office he asked about it. It was free the last weekend in July, but otherwise booked through the rest of the summer. We jumped at the chance to spend the weekend riding and getting out of the heat.

The setup was simple. There were beds, a stove, a water supply, and outhouse. They would haul in a single load of gear as long as it would fit in their Gator. Sounds like just enough room for four packs and a Yeti full of beer.
We blew out of town early on a Thursday morning. The goal was to hit McCall by 9:00, grab some chow, and be riding by 10:00. The plan was something like ride Bear Basin / back side of Brundage/Brundage that day and then spend the next two days covering every inch of JMR.

The backside of Brundage, followed by Brundage Elk Trail, a quick single lift ride, and then back side Upper and Lower Moto was spectacular. The views were unobstructed to the south east for as far as the eye could see.


The day was as much and more as you could ask for. The weather, while warm, was way cooler than Boise. The trails were riding fast and we still had an entire weekend of riding in front of us.  That night we met up with friends and ate sushi in McCall until we were afraid we would explode.  We had to take a slow ride into the cargo container, but it helped process all that sushi.  We sat on the back porch of the container and drank Salmon River brews and watched the stars.  Would have been hard to get any better.


The next day we got up early and started the day with a ride around the lake and then did our best to ride as much of Jag as we could before lunch time.  At lunch we rolled into the club house and had a great reubin and fries.  That afternoon we did a few more laps and then rolled to North Beach to take a swim and get the sweat off.  We finished the evening off with a bite at Salmon River Brewery and a last ride into the container.


In all reality the container was about as far from 5 starts as you could possibly get, but it was good times with good people and I’d take that over 5 stars any day of the week.  In terms of riding we covered ~80 miles all dirt and all awesome.  With the exception of the single lift ride from the bottom of Brundage we earned all of those sweet burmie beautiful miles.  I’m itching to get back and do it again…


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