Whisky Goat Follow Up

Wanted to give a quick update to the Whisky Goat rims that I used through this CX season.  You can view info about the build here. The season was largely uneventful in terms of wheels.  The wheels held up really well through racing and training. They haven’t even needed to be trued.  This is both a testament to the build quality and the raw materials, Whisky rims absolutely included in that.

Most fun thing to report was during a CX race I took a hard spill in an off camber corner. I smashed the rim into the grass and, as you can see, packed the area between the tire and rim with about a pound of grass. Much to my shock they didn’t burp. Started with 26psi and finished with 26psi. Best bead seat ever! They held up like that for 3 more laps. After the race when I was cleaning up my bike I went to remove the grass from tire/rim. I had to completely deflate the tire and even at that it took a great deal of effort to get the grass free from the rim/tire. I used a stiff bristle designed to clean drive trains and it took almost an hour to get the grass out of that 8 inches of rim. Never broke the bead. If anything I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to break the bead from the seat when the time comes to change the tires, but not really…


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