Sock Doping…

Keeping the toes comfortable on a cool trainer ride, the Morvèlo Nauty socks are getting the job done.

They do tend to clash with the Scott shoes, but the shoes are just so comfortable I haven’t been able to dump them.  In terms of fit they remind me of the shoes Specialized was making back in the early 2000’s, but without the stupid wedge that would kill hips. Italian last shoes haven’t ever really gotten along with my feet, so it’s nice to find a carbon sole shoe that fits.

Speaking of Morvèlo, I was able to finally wear the NTH bibs (it’s been too cold for shorts up untill now). I’ll get a few more rides in and give a review. Initial impression is positive with a supportive chamois and a nice compressive fit. Once I understand how they hold up I’ll give a full review.

3 thoughts on “Sock Doping…

  1. Shoes are the bane of my life and I keep going back to an old pair of Specialized shoes. My issue is that my mispent youth skateboarding has mangled my feet and no one cares enough to make shoes for that small niche.

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    1. It sounds like we may have the same feet. 🙂 I also spent my fair share of time on a skateboard in my youth. If you’ve never tried on a Scott shoe I would give it a shot of you get the chance. They have a much wider toe box and the heel cup isn’t as tall/deep so they don’t give me the blisters that other types of shoes have.

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