E Thirteen TRS race Cassette

I’m in the process of building a hardtail and as part of that I’ve been in the process of selecting components. The subject of cassettes came while I was pontificating parts with the boys over at Eastside Cycles. I knew I didn’t want to go Eagle. I also knew I wanted a Shimano derailure and shifter, but the XT cassette is a total pig and the XTR meant running a double or some tiny chainring (yes, I’m a wimp and a normal MTB ride here is always a few thousand feet elevation gain). Enter the E Thirteen cassette. It is a 9-46T 11 speed cassette.


I spent some time with the gear calculator to really wrap my head around the range that’s offered by this cassette.

Low High
Current (SRAM 11-42T) 0.67 2.55
E Thirteen (9-46T) 0.65 3.33

Gear Inches

That’s some incredible range. Since the bike isn’t finished (waiting on parts), I’m not sure how it will shift or if the steps between gears will bother me, but I figure it’s a good experiment. As I learn more and get some practical experience I’ll come back and review.


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