Rocky Mountain Instinct BC Edition

This last weekend we were in the right place and right time for the Rocky Mountain factory tour to roll through. I took advantage of that to throw a leg over the Instinct BC edition. Admittedly I likely would want a handle bar that wide or need wheel built to take North Shore abuse, but it’s always fun to ride something different.

A couple of observations. First, I was very impressed with what Rocky has been able to accomplish in terms of the steering. That bike was set up with it in the low/slack position (66.6° HA) and it has a 140mm travel fork. There was no feeling of floppiness in the front end at all when climbing through tight switch backs. This is a place where my Trek Fuel struggles. Those tight slower corners makes your feel like you’re driving a truck (to the point of occasionally needing to horse the bike back underneath you in the right situation). The second was how the Horst link suspension tended to buck a bit on the hard square hits. This may have been related to suspension set up, so I’m not sure how much of this was the ride if the bike or that I just didn’t have the suspension dialed.


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