Trail Days

Boise has an incredible amount of trail. I mean IMBA Gold Ride Center miles worth of trail. We are incredibly blessed that on any given day we have something like 200 miles of single track to choose from. 

One of my absolute favorite sections is a bit of trail known as 5 Mile Gulch. If you look at the linked MTB Project trail, you’ll see the length, elevation profile and gain, but you won’t get an appreciation for what makes it one of my favorite trails in the foothills… And I’m not alone in my love for this trail.

5 Mile has a creek that will run at some level for the majority of the year. With it being a groove of trees and all the wild life that goes with it. The small colorful song birds migrate through this canyon in the spring and fall. In the springtime the wild flowers take over and it’s really something to see.

The trail boasts mellow sceenic climbs or blistering steep climbs that can crack just anyone who’s day isn’t on point (this section has been lovingly named the “trail of tears”). This section has been my go to for a number of years now. Recently I was nominated in to the Eastside Cycles Team and it’s actually given me another way to love this trail. Eastside is the official Adopt a Trail sponsor of 5 Mile Gulch. 

The team performed it’s annual spring maintenance yesterday with guidance from the fine folks at Rivers to Ridges. The trail has actual held up really, really well over the winter and this super wet spring (it actually wintered over better than a lot of the trails). It still needed it’s fair share of love so we put in our time cleaning out the run-off diversions (not really a water bar, but similar and filling in the areas that running water had trenched out. I’m happy to report it’s buff and ready to run!


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